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The Happy Starting Today program will help you to design or re-design your life into one that is peaceful, purposeful, happy, and fulfilling. Once you have decided to choose happiness, you will set off on a journey of self-exploration, you get to know yourself better and begin to live your truths. As you set out into your new way of living, you will encounter obstacles, so you will prepare to deal with distractors. Along the way of your new journey, you will be reminded to check in from time to time and ensure alignment in your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Happiness Through Leadership Course!

In 6 months or less, you will go through four courses that are designed to help you restore your sense of self and control, find direction and purpose in your life, feel aligned with your true self and values, and be on your way to happiness and fulfillment!

Course 1: Personal Leadership

For true happiness, we need to connect to our inner selves and take responsibility for change. In this course we will uncover various factors that could be sabotaging our efforts and blocking us from having a fulfilling life. We will replace what isn’t working with several strategies that work to bring us to where we want to be.

Course 2: Relationship Leadership
Once we get our stuff together, we can work on our relationships. Judgment, impatience, miscommunications, and competition are just some of the problems we can overcome. We can get to a point where both parties can work together to have their needs met.

Course 3: Daily Leadership

Our great inner work gets a boost when we see how our everyday activities can also contribute to our success. Attention to our actions, balance in our lives, interconnected with others, our dreams, and the ability to stick with our plan for happiness are now the focus.

Course 4: Aquarian Leadership

The Aquarian Age is an amazing time in history. We have the opportunity to rid our collective lives of negativity and focus on respect, equality, freedom, possibility, innovation, and purpose. We do this by helping others to become leaders in their own lives. Together, we can create more for everyone!

Finally, you will have your individual masterclass sessions on the topics of your choice. The homework for these sessions will be emailed to you and may reference certain lessons for review. 

Remember that I am here for you and only ever a quick email away, if you are struggling. Enjoy this journey of self-discovery and improvement! 

This is the full Become a Great Supervisor Course